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Version: 14 May 2024

Magic Leap MRTK 3 Settings

The Magic Leap MRTK 3 package adds additional, Magic Leap specific, options to MRTK's Settings allowing you to enable or disable specific features based on their preferences.

Open Magic Leap Settings

This sections includes instructions on how to open the MRTK Magic Leap Settings window.

  1. Open the Project Settings window by navigating to Edit > Project Settings. Then, from the sidebar, select MRTK3 > Magic Leap Settings.
  2. Here you can modify which prefabs are created at runtime to visualize the Magic Leap 2 controller and hands. Additionally, you can change the input action bindings if needed.
Magic Leap Settings Window v1.0.0-pre.2

MRTK XR Rig Runtime Configuration

The Magic Leap MRTK 3 settings allow developers to enable Runtime Configuration of the MRTK XR Rig. This package is an optional way to configure the MRTK XR Rig to be compatible with Magic Leap 2's input, eliminating the need to manually modify the MRTK XR Rig prefab.

MRTK3 Magic Leap Settings with the Runtime Config option selected

The Runtime Config Enabled option will only take effect in the editor if the Magic Leap App Simulator is active in the XR Plug-in Management. Follow these steps to modify the settings

Manual MRTK XR Rig Configuration

If you choose not to use the Runtime Configuration, you will have to modify the existing MRTK XR rig by either replacing it or altering its input actions.

When creating or modifying a scene, perform the following steps:
  1. Delete the existing MRTK XR Rig if one exists.
  2. Navigate to the Packages/Magic Leap MRTK3/Runtime/MagicLeap/Prefabs/MRTK_Variants/ directory
  3. Add the MRTK XR Rig - MagicLeap prefab to your scene.