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Version: 31 Aug 2023

Granting Permissions

Granting Permissions

When a Dangerous or Runtime permissions is requested by an application, users can accept or deny it using the UI graphic that shows at runtime or the system menu Settings > Privacy.

Runtime Permission Prompt

Dangerous permissions need to be requested at runtime. When an application requests a permission a prompt will show on the applications screen.

Runtime Permissions Prompt

Permission Manager

Permissions can be allowed or revoked using Android's Permissions manager.

  1. To access the permissions manager, open the Settings Application and located the Privacy option.
Settings application with Privacy option highlighted
  1. Then select Permissions Manager.
Privacy screen with the Permissions Manager option highlighted
  1. The Permissions Manager Screen shows all the permissions and the number of applications that are utilizing them.
Permissions Manager Screen
  1. Selecting a permission will show a list of applications that have granted or denied access to the permission.
Camera Permission Settings with Media Recorder application selected
  1. Selecting an application allows the user to revoke or allow the selected permission.
Camera Privacy Settings for the Media Recorder application