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Version: 10 Jul 2024

OpenXR Overview

We are proud to announce that Magic Leap 2 is now conformant with OpenXR. As an early contributor in the development of OpenXR, we're committed to building an open and accessible augmented reality (AR) ecosystem that benefits enterprises and developers across industries.

What is OpenXR?

As defined officially by the Khronos Group: “OpenXR is a royalty-free, open standard that provides high-performance access to Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)—collectively known as XR—platforms and devices.”

Why OpenXR?

OpenXR provides a common set of APIs for developing XR applications that work across a range of devices. This reduces the time and cost required for developers to adapt solutions to individual hardware and platforms and, by extension, creates a larger market of easily-adopted solutions for enterprise users. For an in-depth explanation of the benefits of working with OpenXR, check out our blog or the OpenXR press release.

OpenXR SDK support

Starting with OS version 1.5.0, Magic Leap 2 supports OpenXR development natively, in Unity, and Unreal Engine. Check the guides below to get started developing for the Magic Leap 2 with OpenXR using your preferred platform. Please note that OpenXR feature support is still undergoing development and some features in the previous versions of the Unity and C SDK may not yet be fully compatible. Use the guides below for further information.


As a result of Magic Leap’s reduced latency for the controller data stream implemented in the 1.5.0 OS release, we recommend that developers relying on controller tracking information (for example, pose) when interacting with scene objects - such as UI or other virtual content - add some amount of drag inertia to the scene objects. This way, the objects "follow" the controller pose over time as opposed to moving 1:1 to where the controller is pointing, as the high controller sensitivity could result in an undesirable amount of movement.

OpenXR feature support still under development

As our OpenXR feature support is still undergoing development, some features in previous versions of the Unity and C SDK may not be fully compatible. Please use the MLSDK to OpenXR API Mapping table to determine which MLSDK APIs currently have corresponding supported OpenXR extensions.

Developer Support

For more information and support on using OpenXR, visit the Magic Leap 2 developer forum or the official Khronos OpenXR forum.