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Version: 14 May 2024

VNTANA Overview

VNTANA offers automated 3D file optimization and asset management services which can enable Magic Leap 2 developers to work with large 3D files within their applications either through prior compression using the VNTANA software or by integrating the VNTANA API directly into their Magic Leap 2 application.

Supported Features

Intelligent Optimization

VNTANA’s Intelligent Optimization™ algorithms automatically optimize your 3D file by up to 99% while maintaining ultra-high visual quality. Unlike other optimization solutions, there is no manual work required. Their patented optimizer is fully automated, set target file size or polygon count and it will get as close as possible without losing fidelity so your 3D file is always preserved. The biggest challenge for headset adoption is lack of content, make sure you have plenty of 3D assets and it’s easy for your users to populate 3D models by utilizing VNTANA’s Intelligent Optimization™ to automate importing existing 3D designs.

3D Asset Management

VNTANA is a robust 3D Digital Asset Management platform which can store and serve over 100 3D and 2D file types. Everything is tied to the API and there are webhooks to make any integration easy. If you are building a MagicLeap solution that requires users to upload their own assets, use our out of the box DAM so you can focus on building the rest of the experience and get to market faster.

To learn more about the VNTANA platform, visit their website.

Getting Started