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Version: 14 May 2024

Vuforia Engine Overview

PTC's Vuforia® Engine™ is a market leading, cross-platform augmented reality SDK that supports Magic Leap 2 and many other headsets and mobile devices. Developers can pair the precise and stable tracking offered by Vuforia Engine with the leading optics and powerful computing within the Magic Leap 2 to create immersive AR experiences.

Vuforia Engine overview

Supported Features

Vuforia Engine offers a wide array of target tracking to support a variety of use cases:

  • Image Targets: Create AR experiences on images such as posters or user manuals.

  • Model Targets: Leverage a 3D model to precisely overlay AR content on real-world objects like machines or automobiles.

  • Area Targets: Turn any environment into a canvas for persistent AR experiences by leveraging a 3D scan of the space.

  • VuMarks: Identify specially-designed shapes similar to QR codes.

  • Cylinder Targets: Track cylindrical objects like cans and bottles to display AR experiences.

  • Multi Targets: Build AR experiences on objects that have multiple flat surfaces like product boxes.

From AR navigation to in-context service instructions, you can build applications that empower workers in the factory and the field.

Getting Started

To get started developing for Magic Leap 2 with Vuforia Engine, follow Vuforia Engine’s setup guide.

If you have questions or need a hand with Vuforia Engine for Magic Leap 2, please post to the Vuforia Engine topic on the Magic Leap 2 Developer Forum.

Sample Content

PTC has provided some default content to get you started in the Unity Asset Store: