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Version: 31 Aug 2023

AR Cloud


AR Cloud is a connected service that allows Magic Leap 2 devices to access large-scale spatial data. This spatial data can be managed on the web-based console where digital twin administrators create Shared Spaces, manage device-side scans, and merge scans to contribute to larger-scale Spaces. AR Cloud admins are able to import and export spatial maps, manage large-scale digital twin deployments, and monitor Magic Leap 2 device access.


See our guide on required licensing to be able to use AR Cloud on your device(s):

AR Cloud Licensing


AR Cloud allows users to go beyond the limitations of their Magic Leap 2 devices. The following features help enhance a user’s Magic Leap 2 experience:

  • Co-present experiences – allows multiple users to experience the same digital content in the same place through shared maps and their spatial anchors.
  • Large spatial maps (>10,000m2) – without AR Cloud, each device has a limit of five Local Spaces of ~250m2.
  • Device access to an unlimited amount of Spaces – Magic Leap 2 devices can gain unlimited access to shared Spaces, as opposed to the 5 stored locally.
  • Textured mesh exports – export textured mesh scans of your Space in USD file format.

Getting Started

System Requirements

OSDebian 11 ("Bullseye")Ubuntu 20.04 ("Focal Fossa")
Container OrchestrationKubernetes 1.23Kubernetes 1.23
Container Replication3 Nodes8 Nodes
RAM16GB per Node32GB per Node
CPU (x64) cores48
CPU (Apple Silicon) (OVA)Apple M1Apple M2
Bandwidth up/down1 GB Wifi 61 GB Wifi 6

Leap Brush

After installation of AR Cloud, we welcome you to try our first-party, Open Source project, Leap Brush.

This project will allow you to quickly ramp up to a multi-user, collaborative experience, leveraging AR Cloud's power features. The project can work over local area network (LAN), enabling virtually no latency for your shared experience.