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Version: 31 Aug 2023

Package Manager

Package Manager is a tool to install and manage ML SDK, tools, and resources for development platforms that support Magic Leap 2.

Open Package Manager from the home screen of the Magic Leap Hub.


You must be online to download packages and receive updates.

If you want to change the install location for Magic Leap packages, open the Action menu and select Settings.


Navigate between Bundles, All, and My Tools to select packages to install or update.

  • Bundles - Select collections of packages that include the tools and resources you need to develop for the Magic Leap ecosystem quickly. Bundled packages install the latest version available. When a bundle is selected, you can view which packages are included in the bundle in the Change Summary panel. Optional packages, such as API documentation, are not selected by default.

  • All - Select individual packages to update or install and review their release notes. You can also install specific versions of packages or delete packages.

  • My Tools - View, update, or delete your installed packages.


Once you have selected a bundle or individual package, the Change Summary panel displays.


This lists the required packages for selected bundles, the version number, actions to be performed, and any optional packages. Select the optional packages to install or update them.

After you've made your selections in the Change Summary panel, click Apply Changes to install or update the packages.

When you're done installing or updating packages, close Package Manager from the Activities Menu. You can also close Package Manager from the Summary page after installation is complete.