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Version: 10 Jul 2024

Device Bridge

Device Bridge helps you manage apps, files, and logs on Magic Leap devices and view information about the device. Device Bridge provides an interface to many Android Deb Bridge (ADB) commands that help speed up your development processes.

Device Bridge Console


  • Install the Magic Leap Hub 2.0 on your computer.
  • Before you can use Device Bridge, ensure that these settings are enabled on your device:
    • Settings > Developer > Developer Mode
    • Settings > Developer > Enable MLDB Access

Use Device Bridge

Connect your Magic Leap device to your computer with a USB cable, or use the Magic Leap Hub 2.0 (ML Hub 2.0) to connect to your device over WiFi (WiFi Bridge). If you have multiple devices connected to your development machine, select a device from the drop-down list.

Select device from the device drop-down list

If you want to send commands over WiFi, you must first use a wired connection to configure WiFi Bridge. See WiFi Bridge below for configuration information.

WiFi Bridge toggle is enabled with network, IP address, and port number entries filled out

You can open Device Bridge in the ML Hub 2.0 from:

  • Activities Home
  • Activity bar (after the first use)
  • Device Tray

Click on your device in the Device Tray to perform common commands like reset headpose and configure WiFi Bridge.

Visual overview of the device tray with the device expanded. General information about the device and connected network is available and common device commands

With a device connected, you can use the following features on the Dashboard to view device information including:

  • Storage information

  • Device serial number

  • Installed OS and API level

  • Battery charge

  • WiFi Bridge - Restart or shutdown the device and manage the WiFi Bridge.

Device Bridge Console
  • Apps - View and manage installed apps and app information. Install apps, launch selected apps, or uninstall apps from this screen.

    Overview of Apps, showing the app name, version, status, type, and debuggability.
  • Files - Navigate the accessible, on-device file system. Download, upload, delete, or duplicate files and folders from this screen. Downloaded files are kept in the /Users/<name>/Magic Leap/downloads by default. You can specify where Magic Leap files download to your computer in Settings in the Action menu. You can also change which folders are listed and which confirmation prompts are displayed by changing settings.

    Overview of files, showing the on-device folder structure and the files included in the selected folder
  • Log - View log entries from the device. You can save, pause, search, or clear the logs.

    Overview of Log, displaying a few log entries

WiFi Bridge

Configure WiFi Bridge to send commands to your device over WiFi, including CLI commands. Toggle WiFi Bridge to enable WiFi connections. Both your device and your development machine must be on the same WiFi network.

WiFi Bridge panel