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Version: 06 Nov 2023

The Magic Leap Hub

The Magic Leap Hub is a tool that accelerates workflows for anyone creating with Magic Leap devices. The Hub consolidates several tools and utilities in one place. Magic Leap Hub tools and resources include:

  • Device management
  • Quick SDK access
  • Software package management
  • Access to external tools

Follow our guides on installing the Magic Leap Hub.


There is currently an issue with some Macs not being able to open the ML Hub terminal. To get around this bug, you can open up any command line interface (e.g. Terminal) and set up your environment with the following commands:

source $USER/MagicLeap/mlsdk/<your-os-version>/
source $USER/MagicLeap/tools/zi/<latest-app-sim-version>/

For more information on tools in The ML Hub, see the following pages: