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Version: 20 Mar 2024


Spaces is an application that comes preinstalled on the Magic Leap 2. It can be used to scan and localize into a local or shared spatial map.

AR Cloud Licenses

The Spaces tool can be used on any version/license of a Magic Leap 2. For more info about adding extra features with AR Cloud, see the following page about licenses:

AR Cloud Licenses

Creating a Space

  1. Launch the Spaces application from the Magic Leap 2 home screen.
Spaces selected on the home screen
  1. Select New Local Space and follow the instructions on the screen. Note some objects do not map well, like ones that have dark or glossy surfaces.
The default view inside the Spaces Application
Prompts to scan your space
  1. When you are finished scanning your space, select Finish Scanning then, select Yes, Save.
The default view inside the Spaces Application
  1. Your new space should now appear in your list of spaces.
The default view inside the Spaces Application

For more specific in-device guidance on the scanning process, click the information icon on the bottom left corner of the Spaces home menu screen.

More Information