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Version: 20 Mar 2024

AR Cloud Licenses

AR Cloud requires an active license to be activated on a device. Licenses are chosen at the time of purchase of a Magic Leap 2 device.

Choosing a License

BaseDeveloper ProEnterprise
Spatial Mapping (up to 100 m2 in a single space)
AR Cloud-ready hardware*


The primary entrypoint to any spatially-mapped experience on a Magic Leap 2 is our Spaces tool. The Base model of ML2 can still use Spatial Anchors, albeit in an offline manner, where Spatial Maps are stored on-device.

*AR Cloud-ready refers to features described in the Benefits section of our AR Cloud Overview page. Developer Pro or the Enterprise Editions are required to get these added feature sets.

Activating a License

Learn more about managing an AR Cloud license using the guide below:

Managing Your Magic Leap 2 License