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Version: 14 May 2024

Global/Segmented Dimmer

Magic Leap devices have additive displays, which take the light within a user’s environment and add photons to the display, making it possible to render content. The Magic Leap 2 introduces a new low resolution panel which selectively subtracts photons in the environment by using two types of dimming: Global Dimming and Segmented Dimming.

Diagram 1

What is Global Dimming?

Global Dimming is a tint applied over the entire display, behind your content. It sets a single opacity value that dims the real-world environment. Global Dimming is an exchange between two valuable resources: the visibility of the user’s environment, and the device’s content opacity (including image quality).

For example, if a user is in a bright room watching content, the application may request Global Dimming be set to a high (dark) value.

If the user is in a poorly lit room, talking with a coworker, the application may prioritize being able to see the coworker well and set Global Dimming to the minimum value.

What is Segmented Dimming?

Unlike Global Dimming, Segmented Dimming utilizes the dimmer panel to allow specific portions of content to be dimmed, making virtual content appear more opaque without needing to tint the entire display.

Global DimmingSegmented Dimming
Global DimmingSegmented Dimming

Design Guidelines

See our Dimmer Design Guidelines document to learn how to improve the visual fidelity of the Segmented and Global Dimmer Feature.