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Version: 20 Mar 2024

ADB Bugreport

Bug Reports from the ML Hub

There are cases when debugging a project with logs available from your development environment may not be sufficient. In this case, it can be useful to create and submit a bug report that can be examined more closely.

To create a bug report, use the adb bugreport command. You can run the following command to generate it and save it on your computer:

adb bugreport E:\Path\To\BugReports

If you don't specify a path for the bug report, it is saved to the local /bugreports/ directory of the device with a path resembling,


See Android's Bug Report documentation for more information on generating a bug report using ADB.

Download Bug Report Using ML Hub

Downloading the file is as simple as navigating to the Device Bridge, going to the Files tab, and selecting the relevant bug report:

Downloading a bug report through the Device Bridge