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Version: 31 Aug 2023

Create a Project

This section provides instructions on creating a new Unity with a version that is compatible with Magic Leap 2 development.


  • Installed Unity Hub
  • Unity v2022.2.0f1 or higher

Creating a New Project

Create a new project using the Universal Render Pipeline template. Although Magic Leap 2 supports both URP & the Built-in render pipeline, it is recommended to use URP since the built-in pipeline is slowly being deprecated by Unity.

  1. Open the Unity Hub.
  2. Select New project.
  3. Set the Editor Version to one that is compatible with the Magic Leap 2 (version 2022.2.0f1 or higher).
  4. Select the 3D (URP) (3D Universal Render Pipeline) template project, then Create project.
Create New Unity Project Window

Next Steps

Configure Project Settings

After creating a new Unity project, learn how to configure your project so you can build and deploy Magic Leap 2 applications.