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Version: 20 Mar 2024

MLCamera Overview

The Magic Leap 2 MLCamera API allows developers to capture real and virtual content inside their applications.

Logical Cameras

Magic Leap 2 allows developers to access two Logical Cameras from the same physical camera. The camera streams are accessed as devices in the Unity API and have the following identifiers:

  • MLCamera.Identifier.Main - provides access to compressed video and still images. This device allows you to capture virtual, real-world, mixed reality content and is the performed choice if you are not performing computer vision tasks on the output or if it is being used for streaming, broadcasting, or images.
  • MLCamera.Identifier.CV - best used for Computer vision scenarios, uncompressed, raw frames.

If you use this device to do CV in you application, you will be able to use the record/stream gameplay using the Capture Service, but you will not be able to perform Image or marker tracking using the SDK.


This features requires the CAMERA permission to be requested at runtime and enabled in your project's Manifest Settings (Edit > Project Settings > Magic Leap > Manifest Settings).

Capture Output

FormatCameraModeCapture Type
  • MLCameraCaptureType_Image - Capture an Image
  • MLCameraCaptureType_Video - Capture Video
  • MLCameraCaptureType_Preview - Capture a video and and access the raw buffer of the frames