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Version: 20 Mar 2024

Application Simulator ML Hub

If you do not wish to install the Application Simulator for Unity Package or if you need greater graphics support, you can run the App Simulator directly from the Magic Leap Hub.

Graphics API

Running the Application Simulator from the Magic Leap Hub allows developers to use more graphics APIs when connecting to the App Simulator.

  1. Open the Player Settings Window (Edit > Project Settings > Player) section, then select the Standalone tab.
  2. Expand the Other Settings and under Rendering, uncheck or adjust the Graphics API for your platform to one that is compatible with your configuration.


Starting the App Simulator

See the App Simulator Setup guide for details steps on downloading and installing the Magic Leap App Simulator.

Running Unity Application

With the App Simulator running in the Magic Leap Hub, enter Play mode on the Unity Editor. Once in Play mode, you should notice that Magic Leap Application Simulator's Device view displays the same content as your Game View window, in addition to the device's environment.

Screenshot of Unity and Magic Leap App Simulator running side-by-side