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Version: 20 Mar 2024

Voice Intents


This example demonstrates and prescribes preferred methods for receiving input from Voice Intents.

The App specific voice commands are listed in a Voice Intents Configuration Scriptable Object. The voice commands available for testing will be listed in the status panel to the right.

To use Voice Intents, speak the command value. If the scene is just starting up, it may take a few seconds to start listening for commands.

Values with a " | " mean either command can be used for that specific intent.


For more information on this feature, reference the Voice Intents section.


Currently there is a known issue where notification popups on the system may stop Voice Intents from working. To fix this Stop and Start processing again with the bumper (Explained in Controls Tab).


For instructions on installing the SDK Examples Project and building this scene, follow the Examples Project Install Guide.