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Version: 20 Mar 2024

Magic Leap XR Keyboard

The Magic Leap XR Keyboard can be used in any project that supports Unity's XR Interaction Toolkit. The demo scene can be found in Assets/XRKeyboard/Scenes/XRKeyboardExample.unity and is available on GitHub.

Magic Leap XR Keyboard

Getting Started


  • Place the Keyboard prefab from XRKeyboard/Prefabs/Keyboard Manager.prefab into the scene

Set Up Input Fields

  • Add the script TMPInputFieldTextReceiver.cs onto any TextMeshPro Input Field you want to use with the Keyboard


The Keyboard consists of 2 main scripts:

  • KeyboardManager.cs - Allows users to toggle the Keyboard on and off.
  • Keyboard.cs - Manages multiple Keyboard Layouts and controls modifier key presses like Shift and Caps Lock
  • KeyboardLayout.cs - groups the Keys and Keyboard Rows and communicates to the Keyboard Builder to generate a new layout if needed.
  • KeyboardBuilder.cs - consumes JSON data to create the Keyboard Layout objects. The script requires that you assign the Keyboard Key and Keyboard Row prefab.
  • KeyboardKey.cs - Controls the visual key graphics and input

Editing Layout

To edit the layout:

  1. Create or navigate to an existing Keyboard Layout.
  2. Edit the Keyboard Layout Data inside of the Keyboard Builder component.
  3. Press Regenerate Keyboard to update the keyboard layout in the scene.
  4. When you are finished, modify the Layout ID and description.
  5. Press Write New Json .to save the data to the Streaming Assets folder. Note: to toggle between Panels with a key press, assign the key's keycode as the Panel ID

Editing Visuals

  1. Navigate to an existing Keyboard Layout.
  2. Modify the Key prefab in the Keyboard Builder component.
  3. Press Regenerate Keyboard to update the keyboard layout in the scene.

Unicode and Special Characters

Magic Leap XR Keyboard uses the following fonts to support unicode characters:

Material Symbols


The shift label is appended with _NEUTRAL _SHIFT and _CAPS at runtime depending on the shift state. A key with the label SHIFT will use the following unicodes (they can be changed in Assets/XRKeyboard/Scripts/XRKeyboard/DataModels/KeyboardCollections.cs)

Label NameValue

Other Special Labels

There are also other special labels to make it easier to distinguish in the editor

Label NameValue


Special Keycodes also exist

Label NameValue


This project is based on UltraLeap's XR Keyboard which is licensed under Apache 2.0 This project is licensed under the Magic Leap Developer License