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Draw Tracing

Draw tracing is a tool that aids you in understanding how long your draw calls take. The process involves running the tool on the Magic Leap 2 (ML2) device to generate a trace log on the device while your app is running. This captures the relevant app activity in the file. The file is then transferred onto the host PC to view in the browser. The tool used on device is called Perfetto, and when it's run it generates a file called trace.pftrace on the device.

Enable Developer Mode

This guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough to enable Developer Mode on Magic Leap 2. The process involves unlocking the hidden Developer Options by tapping the "Build number" seven times. The newly enabled Developer Mode offers a range of advanced settings and tools that are typically hidden from average users, mainly used for debugging and application development purposes.

Magic Leap AOSP Tools

Since Magic Leap 2 is an Android Open Source Project (AOSP) device, we can leverage many of the robust tools that have been developed for profiling, debugging, and testing AOSP devices.

Magic Leap Lock Task Service

If you need to enable a kiosk-style functionality on the Magic Leap 2 headset for displaying demos to multiple users, it's possible to do so via the Android Lock Task Mode. This mode allows you to pin or lock your application so that users cannot exit it by pressing the home button or launching other apps. This guide details how to interact with Magic Leap's built in Task Service using ADB (Android Debug Bridge) commands.

Unity Debugging via Visual Studio

This guide only covers Unity C# script debugging. For C/C++ debugging, i.e. debugging custom or third party libraries, see Unity Native Debugging via Android Studio.