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Version: 22 May 2023

WebXR Viewer

Magic Leap's WebXR Viewer application allows developers to test their WebXR applications. Note, this application is still being developed and some features may not be compatible with the current release. Additionally, since the feature has been released in preview , the WebXR viewer is not visible from the home menu. This section includes instructions on how to launch the WebXR Viewer and how to manage it's permissions.

Start WebXR Viewer

The following commands should be used to start a WebXR experience.

adb shell am start -n com.magicleap.helio_webxrviewer/.WebXRViewerActivity


This section includes information on how to request or reset permissions:

To RESET VR permission request:

adb shell am start -e settings.vr ASK -n com.magicleap.helio_webxrviewer/.WebXRViewerActivity

Clearing Site level permissions for WebXR is not functional, ie. this:

adb shell am start -e ASK -n com.magicleap.helio_webxrviewer/.WebXRViewerActivity

doesn’t work.

There are several permissions which we can reset via API:

  • -e settings.mic ASK
  • -e ASK
  • -e settings.vr ASK
  • -e ASK

There are several alternatives for the permissions:

  • ASK
  • RESET (set permission to default which is ASK)

Bugs / Limitations

The following WebXR samples are currently not supported :

  • Anchor
  • Hit
  • Room Scale