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Version: 14 May 2024

1.5.0 OS Release Notes

This release builds upon the previous 1.4.1 OS release.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Trial Support for Remote Rendering
    • Trial support feature allows developers using the Base license tier to see the increased quality that will be provided by rendering content remotely. The trial for Remote Rendering lasts 15 minutes. Note that users with Developer Pro and Enterprise license already have the remote rendering entitlement.
  • AR Cloud Localization and Mapping Services
    • Version update of the localization and mapping services to version 2.0.10.
      Changes included in version 2.0.10:
      • Compute platform optimizations: AR Cloud Localization and Mapping Services targets now microarchitectures that support x86-64-v3. AR Cloud should therefore not be deployed on platforms that do not support x86-64-v3 .
  • Battery Saver Default ON or OFF
    • Settings changed to support Battery Saver ON by default for ‘clean’ (erase userdata) flashing of the latest software build and for factory reset use case. For upgrade use cases (e.g., upgrading from a prior software release without erasing user data), the existing Battery Saver setting will be retained
  • QR code for license activation
    • A QR code (available in email with the license key) can be used to populate the license key and license type fields necessary for license activation
  • Eye gaze vector in device coordinates
    • Three parameters, vergence, gaze and eyeball center will be available in device as well as world coordinates

Fixed Issues

  • Magnetometer Calibration
    • Updated Compass calibration app with a variable period of calibration; maximum 2 minutes and stops the process once enough data samples are collected

Known Issues

Don’t forget: Some Magic Leap hardware and software features are in a pre-release state and might not be available, might contain bugs or defects, and might experience delays or failures. Read this document for guidance on the current state of Magic Leap hardware and software. This guidance helps developers make the best possible use of the Magic Leap platform.

  • Sleep Mode
    • Device may reboot on attempt to resume from Sleep Mode
    • Display may not resume from Sleep Mode, restart required
  • Web Browser
    • When utilizing higher(1080p+) resolution settings in the Helio web browser, users may experience flickering and frame drops. Please note, these issues are not present with the default resolution settings. If you encounter such issues after adjusting to a higher resolution, reverting to the default settings is recommended.
  • Controller Position
    • This release reduces lag on controller pose data, which could impact Apps that do not filter controller pose data. Check the Open XR overview page for more information.

Flashing Instructions

Before flashing make sure to power cycle your device without the cable plugged in. Hold down the power button for 20 seconds to do so.

When flashing, you MUST flash in a linear sequence based on the build order in the table below which can be found on our Customer Care site under Magic Leap OS Update Path.

We recommend you to use ML Hub flashing capability to flash the OS. Contact your Magic Leap customer care representative for any additional support with regards to flashing your device.

Device Reset (Hardware Recovery)

When device (wearable and/or compute pack appear frozen or unresponsive), use the following sequence to restart:

  1. Remove USB-C cable from the device
  2. Press and Hold the power button for at least 20 seconds
  3. Release the power button
  4. Wait a few seconds, then restart the device by tapping/releasing power button again.