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Version: 10 Jul 2024

February 2022 OS Release Notes


  • System Notifications - User is informed when devices or controllers are connected / disconnected. Also warnings added for low battery, low storage and low memory conditions.
  • Laser Pointer, Notifications and Dialogs have received visual updates.
  • Orion Warp - late warp now enabled in ML2. Greatly improves pixel stick performance

Key ML2 vs ML1 Differences

  • ML2 OS is now based on AOSP, alongside its development toolchain
  • Only immersive applications are supported
  • ML2 Controller: Now based on an optical concept instead of EM
  • ML2 Controller: Now has a dedicated button to bring user back to Home Menu
  • Reality button is no longer available on wearable
  • Updated LED patterns

Known Issues

  • Soft Reboot:
    • Device may fail to boot during a reset/soft boot. If the condition occurs, remove USB/charger cable, press power button for ~25seconds. Then release power button. Press power button to boot up again. USB/charger cable may be reinserted again.
  • Audio -Occasional left and right sample swap
    • When playing back 3rd eye camera recording, audible noises may be heard from background
  • Camera
    • Recording of video content at 480p 30FPS is not supported
  • Display
    • You may see a color separated screen at power up and at power down for a few seconds. This will be addressed in a future update.
  • 6DoF Control
    • On some power ups, you may not obtain 6dof control and not see the ray from the control. If this persists at powerup, please restart the device.
  • Settings
    • Enable/Disable Wi-Fi from UI multiple times in quick fashion puts Wi-Fi into bad state. If that happens, reboot the device to fix the issue.
    • The Settings → General → Auto Time & Date, when enabled, retrieves and displays the current network time in GMT. It does not automatically determine the time zone. The automatically retrieved time/date will override any previous setting.
    • The date and time can be manually specified using the following adb commands:
adb shell date MMDDhhmmYYYY.00


  • MM: is the month
  • DD: is the day of the month
  • hh: is the hour in 00-24
  • mm: is the minute
  • YYYY: is the year
adb shell am broadcast -a android.intent.action.TIME_SET