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Version: 20 Mar 2024

1.2.1 OS Release Notes

This release builds on top of the features released in OS 1.2.0.

Issue fixes and improvements:

  • Bend Camera removal support
    • Future ML2 hardware will no longer include Bend Camera since it is not currently used. Removed check for the existence of a bend camera in the headset boot-up code and allow device to boot without bend camera
  • Device boot improvements in display components
    • Resolved timing issue in the headset boot-up sequence causing splashscreen to disappear and reappear during device boot
    • Resolved timing issue in display boot-up sequence which caused intermittent splash screen misalignment
  • Factory process improvements
    • Improve manufacturing yield of bluetooth components.
    • Update Display boot-up logic to recognize devices configured with additional calibration data for manufacturing process improvement.