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This section provides information on using Magic Leap 2's Audio API for audio input and output.

Audio Capture

An overview of the audio capture demo scene included in the Magic Leap 2 Examples Project, which uses Unity's XR Interaction Toolkit.

Audio Change Events

This section provides an example script that demonstrates how to subscribe to Magic Leap's Audio change events.

Audio Guidelines

In the dynamic world of AR applications, audio serves as a powerful tool that complements and enhances the visual experience, immersing users in a multisensory environment. While visuals play a crucial role in AR, audio brings an added layer of depth and realism, enabling developers to create truly immersive and engaging experiences.

Audio Input

This section provides examples of how to use Magic Leap's APIs to record audio.

C-API Samples Overview

The list below contains descriptions of each of the C-API samples available in the ML Hub. The files of each example contain instructions on how to build, install and uninstall the example, as well as its expected behavior and GUI.

Media Codecs

This section includes information about the media codecs supported on the Magic Leap 2.

Soundfield Audio Plugin

This guide shows you how to set up the Soundfield audio plugin for Unreal Engine 5 and use it to spatialize audio in your apps.

Soundfield Components

Detailed descriptions and screenshots of all available components of Soundfield Audio