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Version: 31 Aug 2023

0.53.3 SDK Release Notes

This document contains the Magic Leap SDK release notes including the notes for the core SDK integration.


SDK package includes a comprehensive set of headers files, at this time only the following headers have been cleared for ML2:

  • ml_audio.h
    • Added MLAudioSetSoundBypassesMasterVolume() and MLAudioGetSoundBypassesMasterVolume() APIs. This API will only work on select product SKUs.
    • Removed support for MLAudioMicCaptureType::MLAudioMicCaptureType_FrontMics and MLAudioMicCaptureType::MLAudioMicCaptureType_SideMics.
  • ml_api.h
  • ml_graphics.h
    • Removed all marked deprecated (i.e. MLGraphicsSetFrameTimingHint() API and MLGraphicsFrameParamsEx::stabilization_depth parameter).
  • ml_perception.h
  • ml_head_tracking.h
    • No permissions required to obtain head pose data.
  • ml_input.h
  • ml_controller.h
    • No permissions required to obtain controller pose data.
  • ml_camera_v2.h
    • Added APIs to support Auto Focus Regions.
    • Added const qualifier for Auto Focus setter APIs.
  • ml_native_surface.h
  • ml_media_codec.h
    • Changed buffer_handle to buffer_index.
  • ml_media_player.h
  • ml_media_muxer.h
  • ml_media_recorder.h
  • ml_camera_metadata_v2.h
  • ml_eye_tracking.h
  • ml_gaze_recognition.h
  • ml_marker_tracking.h
    • New setting to support accurate marker tracking for Aruco and AprilTag markers.
    • Three World Cameras are now used to track Aruco and AprilTag markers which increases detection field of view.
  • ml_spatial_anchor.h
    • Added MLSpatialAnchorLocalizationInfo::target_space_origin field.
    • Default expiration behavior (i.e. MLSpatialAnchorCreateInfo.expiration_timestamp_s == 0) for anchors changed from “1 year” to “Never expire”.
  • ml_snapshot.h
  • ml_planes.h
  • ml_cv_camera.h
  • ml_webview.h
    • Simplified WebView Mouse API.
  • ml_voice.h
  • ml_hand_tracking.h
  • ml_time.h
  • ml_meshing2.h
  • ml_eye_calibration.h
  • ml_headset_fit.h
  • ml_gesture_classification.h

Other Notes

  • New OpenXR Samples package is available in the Magic Leap Hub (aka The Lab 2.0).
  • Removed permission requirement to obtain head and controller pose data.
  • Build scripts updates, settingANDROID_NDK_ROOT environment variable is not required.
  • Update to NDK 25.0.8775105.
  • Sample apps updated to reflect the changes in the APIs and build system.