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Version: 31 Aug 2023

1.2.0 - Unity SDK Release Notes

SDK Delivered via The Magic Leap Hub

  • Unity Example Project
  • Magic Leap 2 Unity SDK Package
  • Magic Leap SDK Version 1.1.0-dev2
  • Unity Version: 1.2.0


  • Added GetData method to AudioInputBufferClip that does not automatically wrap the audio data and instead sends you exactly what is in the audio buffer.
  • Added MLCamera.FlipCameraVertically method to allow easily flipping camera frames instead of needing to invert Unity Renderer.
  • Added Pause and Resume capability to MLWebView.
  • Added new result code MLResult.Code.IllegalState.
  • Added new struct MLMarkerTracker.TrackerSettings that introduces tracker profiles to MLMarkerTracker as a more modular way to configure the marker tracker hints.
  • MLMarkerTracker.MarkerData objects now have their pose correctly rotated before being given to the developer.
  • Exposed system intents in MLVoiceIntentsConfiguration. This is curretly an experimental feature on the OS.
  • Exposed funcs in MLAudioOutput to allow bypassing device's master volume. These functions will only work on 60601 compliant devices.

Bug Fixes

  • MagicLeapHandDevice is no longer derived from XRController.
  • Fixed AccessRenderBufferTexture bug in MLWebRTCVideoSinkBehavior which occasionally prevented frame from rendering correctly.
  • Fixed UnspecifiedFailure in MLMarkerTracker API caused by change in MLMarkerTrackerSettings structure.
  • Fixed bug in MLMediaPlayer where Reset() was being incorrectly called in place of Stop().
  • Fixed MLMediaPlayer blocking main thread with Reset() and Destroy() methods. These now execute on a separate detatched thread.
  • Fixed a crash in MLMediaPlayer when switching scenes.
  • Fixed bug in MRCamera RGBA image format rendering.

Deprecations & Removals

  • MeshingSubsystemComponent.LevelOfDetail, MeshingSubsystemComponent.LevelOfDetailToDensity(), and MeshingSubsystemComponent.LevelOfDetailToDensity() have been marked Obsolete and will be removed in a future release in favor of MeshingSubsystem.Extensions.MLMeshing.LevelOfDetail, MeshingSubsystemComponent.FromDensityToLevelOfDetail(), and MeshingSubsystemComponent.FromLevelOfDetailToDensity().

Known Issues

  • Hand Center and Interaction Point are not valid in the Gesture Classification API.