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Version: 06 Nov 2023

1.1.0-dev2 - SDK Release Notes

This document contains the Magic Leap SDK release notes including the notes for the core SDK integration.

General notes

  • MLGraphicsFrameParamsEx.focus_distance being set to 0 will not return MLResult_InvalidParam. Developers should still provide a meaningful focus_distance that is not 0.
  • MLMediaCCParserSetDisplayChangedCallback and MLMediaCea708ParserSetEmitEventCallback APIs can now be used to unset the callback by passing NULL.
  • ML WebView API was extended to support two new features.
  • API to pause and resume individual web view sessions.
  • API to create webview with web inspector enabled or disabled at creation time.
  • Application framework now provides a new API, KeepScreenOn(), for the applications to acquire a wake lock.
  • Lifecycle sample updated to acquire the wake lock.
  • A new WebXR launcher sample shows how to build a WebXR content launcher app. The application will start Magic Leap WebXR viewer and follows the app’s life cycle.
  • Mixed reality camera sample was updated to allow capture when the app is paused.
  • Audio input sample was updated to allow capturing audio when the app is paused.
  • Audio output sample was updated to demonstrate the usage of bypass of master volume.