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Version: 31 Aug 2023

1.1.0-dev2 - OpenXR Release Notes

General notes

  • One XrCompositionLayerProjection is supported.
  • Up to 16 XrCompositionLayerQuads are supported.
  • A maximum of 16 composition layers at one time. Each layer imposes a performance penalty, if you are seeing performance issues consider refraining from using more than one layer.
  • Added Global Dimmer Extension (addon_headers/XR_ML_global_dimmer.h).
  • Added Frame End Info Extension ( addon_headers/XR_ML_frame_end_info.h).
  • Added Compat Extension ( allows sharing of CFUID’s with OpenXR ).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed CTS failure for action spaces.

Known issues

  • Currently running the OpenXR samples using the Magic Leap Application simulator is not supported.
  • Long file names may cause trouble when building OpenXR samples on Windows. Please install the OpenXR samples in a directory with the shortest path possible.
  • addon_headers/XR_ML_compat.h defines a function “xrGetSessionStateML” which will be removed in the next release.