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C-API Samples Overview

The list below contains descriptions of each of the C-API samples available in the ML Hub. The files of each example contain instructions on how to build, install and uninstall the example, as well as its expected behavior and GUI.

Compute Pack LED

This article explains what action the Magic Leap 2 Compute Pack's LED patterns signify.


An overview of the controller's buttons and sensors, touchpad gestures, and important changes from the Magic Leap 1 SDK.


An overview of the controller demo scene included in the Magic Leap 2 Examples Project, which uses Unity's XR Interaction Toolkit.

Controller Input Events

This section demonstrates how to use Unity's Input System to access input events from the Magic Leap 2 controller.

Controller Recovery Guide

In the event that your Controller fails to update and results in the Controller not connecting to the Compute Pack or failing to boot; a manual flash may be required. This guide includes instructions on how to manually flash the Controller.