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Marker Tracker API Overview

This section provides an overview of the marker tracker and references to create a custom Marker Tracking script.

Marker Tracker Events Example

The Magic Leap 2's marker tracker API is light weight and can be extended depending on your application's needs. This section provides an example of extending the API to broadcast an event when a marker is found, lost or updated based on the amount of time that has passed since the marker was update.

Marker Tracker Example

This section includes an example of detecting Fiducial Markers on the Magic Leap 2 headset.

Marker Tracking

The Magic Leap allows you to detect two-dimensional icons from a marker dataset and then continuously track the targets' locations and orientations as you or the markers move through the environment. You can also place and anchor digital content based on the presence and dimensions of a physical marker.

Migrating from ML1

The MLBarcodeScanner and MLArucoTracker APIs have been unified into a single MLMarkerTracker API. Additionally, unlike the ML1, the Marker Tracker on the Magic Leap 2 manages its own lifecycle, meaning that the Tracker does not have to be stopped or disposed manually when exiting the app.