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Version: 17 Jan 2024

Debugging via Android Studio

This guide will show you how to perform native and Live Debugging when using the Magic Leap 2. Live Debugging is the scenario of attaching a debugger to a process that is running normally, or to a process where an exception that has been caught.

Debugger Setup Steps

On the AOSP-based Magic Leap 2 OS we can use Android Studio to debug the unity engine source, xr package source, and any other native library that you might have written for your project.

  1. Open your project in the Unity Editor, go to File > Build Settings > Android. Enable Export Project, select Debugging for Create and then hit Export.
Unity Build Settings
  1. If you are trying to debug the XR package or other native libs, copy the symbol files for your libraries into EXPORTED\_FOLDER/unityLibrary/symbols/x86\_64.

  2. Now open Android Studio and click the Open button and select the folder exported from the Editor. If Android Studio asks to take the project’s SDK or the one from Android Studio, take the SDK from the project. If Gradle asks to be upgraded, ignore it.

Open Project - Android Studio
  1. Go to Run > Edit Configurations > Debugger > Symbol Directories, select Debug Type as Native Only and then add theEXPORTED\_FOLDER/unityLibrary/symbols/x86\_64 path to the list.
Debugging Symbols - Android Studio
  1. Switch to the LLDB Post Attach Commands tab and add the following:
process handle SIGXCPU -n true -p true -s false

process handle SIGPWR -n true -p true -s false
LLDB Post Attach Commands - Android Studio
  1. The source files for the lib you are debugging (be it the engine, the XR package or any other lib) will not show up in the Android Studio project view on its own. Drop in those files into the editor, set the breakpoints and then hit the Debug button (or go to Run > Debug). Make sure to select "Magic Leap Demophon" in the device menu, if not selected automatically.
Debug Button - Android Studio
  1. Android Studio will build, install and launch the app on the device and the pause on breakpoints and crashes, like any other debugger.

Additional Info

  • This has only been tested with the Unity build type set to Debug.