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Version: 06 Nov 2023

Configure Existing MRTK 3 Project

This guide demonstrates how to add Magic Leap 2 support to an existing MRTK 3 Project. Visit the Magic Leap MRTK 3 Overview page to learn about the features currently supported on Magic Leap 2. ​


Before starting, download and install the following packages from the Magic Leap Hub:

  • Magic Leap SDK v1.2.0 (or later)
  • Magic Leap Unity SDK v1.6.0 (or later)
  • Unity Editor v2022.2.17f1 (or later)
  • Magic Leap MRTK 3 1.0.0-pre.5 (or later)

Template Project

This guide references the MRTK 3 Template Project. However, you can apply these instructions to any project that is configured for MRTK 3. If you want to follow along using the Template Project, refer to the steps below for downloading it from GitHub.

Download the Template Project

The MRTK 3 template project includes MRTK3 packages and sample scenes. You can download the project from MRTK's Github repository.

If you are familiar with Git and prefer to use the command line, clone the repo following command:

git clone

Configure MRTK3 for Magic Leap 2

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to update the MRTK Dev Template project to Unity v2022.2.x and configure the project settings for Magic Leap 2 development.

Update Unity Version

  1. Using the Unity Hub, open the MRTKDevTemplate project using Unity version 2022.2.x
  2. On the Opening Project in Non-Matching Editor Installation popup, select Continue.
  3. On the Script Updating Consent popup, select Yes, for these and other files that might be found later.
  4. On the Enter Safe Mode? popup, select Ignore.

Remove conflicting packages

  1. Open the package manager (Window > Package Manager) and remove the following packages:
    1. Google ARCore XR Plugin
    2. Mixed Reality OpenXR Plugin
    3. OpenXR Plugin
  2. Clear any Error that appear in the Unity Console as a result of the removal of the packages.
    1. If errors are still present, close the project and delete the project's Library folder, and re-open Unity to reimport the existing packages.

Configure Project Settings for Magic Leap

  1. Download and Install the Magic Leap Setup Tool from the Unity Asset store.
  2. Open the Project Setup window (Window > Magic Leap > Project Setup).
  3. Complete all of the setup steps in the Project Setup Window.
Magic Leap Project Setup Tool window

Import MRTK3 Magic Leap

After importing the MRTK3 packages, import the MRTK3 Magic Leap package into the project.

  1. Download the MRTK3 Magic Leap package using the Magic Leap Hub's Package Manager.
  2. Open the Package Manager (Window > Package Manager), select the icon, then select Add package from tarball....
  3. Import the com.magicleap.mrtk3-[VERSION].tgz (version 1.0.0-pre.5 or higher) package from MagicLeap/tools/unity/mrtk3/.
Unity Package Manager with the "Add package from tarball..." option selected

Configure MRTK profile

To support Magic Leap 2 input set the MRTK3 profile to MRTKProfile - MagicLeap. This profile adds Magic Leap 2 support to the MRTK XR Subsystems.

  1. Navigate to Edit > Project Settings.
  2. Select MRTK3 then select the Android tab.
  3. set the Profile to MRTKProfile - MagicLeap.
    1. If the profile does not appear in the asset window, click the small "eye" icon located at the top-right corner of the menu to reveal hidden items in the list of assets.
    2. You can find the profile under Packages/com.magicleap.mrtk3/Configuration/Default Profiles/MRTKProfile-MagicLeap.asset.
MRTK3 Settings with Profile option selected


Hand Tracking and Eye Tracking requires developers to add additional permissions to your project's Manifest. To add the additional permissions follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Magic Leap Permissions Settings (Edit > Project Settings > Magic Leap > Permissions)
  2. Enable com.magicleap.permissions.HAND_TRACKING
  3. Enable com.magicleap.permissions.EYE_TRACKING

For more information, refer to the Magic Leap 2 permissions guide.

Configure the MRTK XR Rig Prefab

Enable Runtime Configuration

To support the standard rig, the MRTK Magic Leap package includes a feature that automatically configures the MRTK XR Rig prefab. This section includes information on how to enable the Runtime configuration feature. To learn more about the Magic Leap specific settings, visit the MRTK 3 Magic Leap Settings guide.

  1. Navigate to the Magic Leap Settings Window by going to Edit > Project Settings then MRTK3 > Magic Leap Settings.
  2. Enable the Runtime Config Enabled setting.
MRTK3 Magic Leap Settings with the Runtime Config option selected