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Version: 31 Aug 2023

API Changes

Magic Leap 1 Features Not Supported in Magic Leap 2


The Magic Leap 2 Controller lacks display LEDs. The following APIs are not supported in Magic Leap 2:

  • MLInputStartControllerFeedbackPatternLED
  • MLInputStartControllerFeedbackPatternEffectLED.
  • ML2 does not support Wacom tablets.
  • MLInput will not support mouse and keyboard events, use NDK APIs for this.

MLPersistentCoordinate Frames

Local PCFs are not supported on Magic Leap 2. They will be replaced by Anchor APIs.

MLCamera Changes

Magic Leap 2 comes with a new camera stack (both hardware and software) and introduces new camera APIs. Magic Leap 1 camera APIs will no longer be supported in Magic Leap 2.


Even though Android SDK and NDK provide Camera APIs, only APIs from ml_camera_v2.h are supported with Magic Leap 2 Cameras. Standard Android Camera APIs are not supported. ML Camera APIs still require the standard Android permissions (android.permission.CAMERA).

Library Renaming

AOSP has introduced new naming conventions for public libraries. Library names have changed between Magic Leap 1 and Magic Leap 2.

Magic Leap 1Magic Leap 2

Removed Features

The following features are scheduled for removal with Magic Leap 2 launch. Some of them will be replaced by Android APIs (e.g. ml_imu_tracking.h), some will be replaced within the Magic Leap APIs (e.g. ml_persistent_coordinate_frames.h will be replaced by the anchors APIs), and some will be removed completely (e.g. ml_purchase.h).

  1. ml_app_connect.h
  2. ml_connections.h
  3. ml_contacts.h
  4. ml_screens.h
  5. ml_found_object.h
  6. ml_persistent_coordinate_frames.h
  7. ml_passable_world.h
  8. ml_data_array.h
  9. ml_avatar.h
  10. ml_dispatch.h
  11. ml_lifecycle.h
  12. ml_logging.h
  13. ml_keycodes.h
  14. ml_app_analytics.h
  15. ml_identifier.h
  16. ml_identity.h
  17. ml_cloud.h
  18. ml_secure_storage.h
  19. ml_sharedfile.h
  20. ml_fileinfo.h
  21. ml_locale.h
  22. ml_privilege_functions.h
  23. ml_privileges.h
  24. ml_purchase.h
  25. ml_networking.h
  26. ml_token_agent.h
  27. ml_invoke_async.h
  28. ml_location.h
  29. ml_imu_tracking.h